SCHERERS U-PICK: U-Pick Strawberries

SCHERER’S U-PICK: U-Pick Strawberries two locations: 5188 Hollywood Road, St. Joseph, MI Field Phone: 269-259-5968 59364 Champlain Road, Dowagiac Field Phone: 269-259-5967 $1.50 per pound/already picked $26 per flat Strawberry Status: call 269-782-5515 for recorded information (269) 782-5515
6/12/2019 to 6/24/2019 #688801

Wholesale & Retail: Fresh asparagus

Wholesale & Retail: Fresh asparagus picked daily. Rhubarb & Strawberries coming soon. North of Dowagiac, Mich. Also asparagus & strawberry plants for spring planting. Krohne Plant Farms 269-424-5423
5/30/2019 to 6/28/2019 #682232

WENGER BEEF- Wholes, halves or quart

WENGER BEEF- Wholes, halves or quarters. U pick your beef or we can pick one for you. Small local feed lot. $2.10/lb hanging weight. No Sunday Sales. 574-206-3393
5/29/2019 to 6/27/2019 #681095